Goldsmithing is a tradition that runs through the veins, it found its runway in 1940 when Mr. Gonzalo Castillo Salas started learning the noble art of goldsmithing and later married Mrs. Marianita Valdez. Patient and dedicated artists, they saw in their first born, Marthita Castillo Valdez, the same dedication, passion and love for jewelry which let them start  to teach her the great secrets of goldsmithing art.

Marthita Castillo Valdez fought against adversities in a time in which society would not accept women involve in businesses mostly governed and ran by men such as jewelry design, production, merchandising and administration and she would push through, with the company of her parents, and take off the famous Joyerías Castillo y Marthita.

Guayaquil is Ecuador´s economic capital and the place where Mrs. Marthita Castillo Valdez next to her husband Mr. Gustavo Yepez Moreira, who would become a cornerstone in the business development of this new project, founded the first Joyería Marthita de Yepez jewelry store in the year 1977.

After many decades of accomplishing their first goals, a third generation of jewelers, sons of this dedicated couple, took a chance in the family business filling it with life and innovative ideas. At the command of their sons: Gustavo, Fernando and Gonzalo Yepez Castillo, passionate for the world of jewelry, the business grew to the watch industry, offering the most prestigious watch brands and helping opening its first Joyería Marthita de Yépez store branch.

From there on, following a successful location strategy at the main city shopping malls, Joyería Marthita de Yépez becomes the most important jewelry chain store in the country. The pride of coming from a generous country land adding God´s blessing and having faith that every work done with love, perseverance and sacrifice is well rewarded, Joyería Marthita de Yépez has become what it is today, a business that is worth gold, silver and precious stones.

Authentically ecuadorian