Expo Boda 2014. Best Ecuadorian Jewelry.

Ecuador Fashion 2013. Best Ecuadorian Jewelry. For its trajectory in the world of jewels, promoting art and design of our country at international levels.

The President´s Call to Service Awards (Usa freedom corps) 2005. Presented by the president of the civil council and service for participating to Joyería Marthita. In recognition and appreciation of the commitment and effort of our nation making a difference for voluntary service. United State.

La M.I. Ilustre Municipalidad de Guayaquil 2004. The Leones Guayaquil-Rocafuerte Club presents the recognition of gratitude to Joyeria Marthita for its collaboration in the program «Reina de la Fundación de Guayaquil».

Universidad de Carolina del Sur. The Multicultural Students Office of the University of South Carolina, awards this acknowledgment certificate to Joyeria Marthita for service and leadership.
United State, 2003.

Club de Leones. Gobernación del distrito G-2 de Leones del Ecuador 2003. Honors Plaque to Joyería Marthita for its constant support to classes in need and its excellent contribution to Ecuadorian art and its beautiful jewels designs, giving wellness to the development of our country helping numerous families of the working class.