Guayaquil´s Beauty Pageant

Exhibidor Reina de GuayaquilThe art of jewelry runs through our veins, and so does the pride of belonging to a generous land, added to God`s blessing and being faithful that every work done with love, persistency and sacrifice is highly rewarded. This land also gives us richness which has been exploited by its people, with ingenuity and inspiration in this natural paradise and in its women since ancient time have given shape to gold, silver and precious stones.

From there, it was born this iconic design of the Miss Guayaquil Beauty Pageant. In this design, eternity is represented by the omega, the silhouette represents grace and beauty of women from Guayaquil, the crown represents power and nobility at the end of the October star, which represent the dreams and illusions of the city, also decorated with light blue topaz and pearls, which have given Guayaquil´s nickname of «Pearl of the Pacific».

This is why it is the insignia of history of life, dreams, art, magic, wisdom, love, passion and pride. It is a history that is worth gold, silver and precious stones, an authentic creation and proudly Ecuadorian.